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Pastor Troy, Stay Tru Full Album Zip

Pastor Troy, Stay Tru full album zip

Pastor Troy is one of the most influential and respected MCs in the Atlanta rap scene. His 2006 album Stay Tru is a testament to his lyrical skills and his ability to deliver hard-hitting and catchy crunk anthems. The album features 14 tracks that showcase Pastor Troy's versatility and charisma, as well as his Christian upbringing and his street credibility. Whether he is bragging about his lavish lifestyle, challenging his rivals, or expressing his loyalty to his crew, Pastor Troy never fails to impress with his witty wordplay and energetic flow.


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Pastor Troy, Stay Tru full album zip is a must-have for any fan of Southern hip-hop and crunk music. The album showcases Pastor Troy's talent and personality, as well as his dedication to staying true to himself and his fans. If you want to experience the raw and authentic sound of Pastor Troy, you should definitely check out this album.


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