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Braving New World Readings Contemporary Politics Fix

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Braving New World Readings Contemporary Politics Fix

"A richly detailed collection of case studies that explore the multiple challenges facing unions ... a solidly researched volume that develops a number of useful concepts ... that can usefully be applied to the study of labor-based politics around the world ... the authors do an impressive job of situating European unions in an overdetermined institutional and policy-making context." New Political Science

This course offers a synthetic perspective on a spectrum of currently troubling phenomena -- the rise of authoritarian populism, growing inequality, racism, misogyny, nationalism, war. In particular, it links macro-scale and historical theories regarding global processes -- such as world systems, globalization, etc. -- on the one hand, and the more intimate correlates of these macro forces shaping individual experience, on the other. Drawing from anthropology as well as from cognate disciplines like political economy, history, and psychology, the course surveys and assesses both case studies of phenomena such as the self-delusion of the oppressed, the narcissism of dictators, and how the making and remaking of social identities relate to world economic cycles. Course readings highlight how fantasy, imagination, hope and fear figure crucially in people's apprehensions of the contemporary world. 1e1e36bf2d


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