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Junior Classic Books Ds Reviewl 2021

I had the original classic books, and it was a decent enough effort, but really... I now have an iPhone, iPad and Kindle, and any of those three devices is better for reading than the DS/ DSi. Unfortunately the DS screen resolution is just too low.

Junior Classic Books Ds Reviewl

Nintendo has been helping consumers make the right decisions in the past few years by releasing its range of self-explanatory titled products, such as 'Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?', 'Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Cook?' and 'Sight Training: Enjoy Exercising and Relaxing Your Eyes'. In comparison, '100 Classic Book Collection' is of moderate title length, but gets the message across loud and clear, whilst the front of the box also clarifies matters more just in case people are still confused by the rather obvious name, stating 'Enjoy reading 100 classic novels from some of the greatest authors ever, including Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austen and many more'. Many may bemoan the fact that they should not have to pay just shy of twenty British Pounds for this collection when all of the books contained within this package can merely be downloaded as text files, completely free of charge. However, the response to that has to be that the polish added by Nintendo and developer Genius Sonority (Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and so on) makes it all worth it. The set-up is ideal as well, since the DS is held on its side, a la Brain Training and Hotel Dusk, making reading simple and relaxing.

It may have taken a long time coming, but Nintendo has put together a fine collection of classic books to keep everyone happy, packaging them in a superbly user-friendly format and offering up plenty of extras to ensure that true value for money is provided. If you are a book lover and have a Nintendo DS, then this little bargain should be right up your alley...


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