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Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush (2015) Download full Movie on hindilinks4u

the basic idea is that the turtle stands on the drum kit and sings a song using his keyboard. when he hits the "space" key, the player can start the song. the "space" key will also give the turtle head to turn. the player can then move around using the arrow keys to control the turtle head.


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the problem is that there are some key sequences in the original game that had a "repeat" feature. these sequences can be bypassed in this game. however, it also gives the advantage that anyone can make their own song easily.

the basic idea of the game is that the player has to open the various doors and windows to release all of the thunderbirds by clicking on the mouse. as the game progresses, it gets harder and harder and the player's life meter will begin to diminish. as the player clicks on the mouse, the board will turn. when it turns to the left or right, there will be a panel that opens and the corresponding bird will be released.

when the whole board is completed, a bonus will be added that will help the player to increase the score that the player can earn points and unlock the bonus panel when the player clicks on the board. the bonus is the additional life meter. however, when the game is completed, there will be 2 levels to the game where the difficulty will increase.

the basic idea is that the player clicks on the various spots on the screen and make a selection. it can be in any order to make different effects. however, the player can use the mouse to slide and the mouse button to press in order to select.


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