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What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything For Birthday

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What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything For Birthday

The man who has everything assuredly has too many devices in constant need of charging. Satechi's dock makes things all nice and neat, with two different USB ports, a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, and crucially, only one cord to plug into the wall.

Yes, the man who has everything almost certainly has his fair share of watches (looking at you, Kendall!). But this is a watch that'll really surprise him: Timex's reissued Falcon Eye. Straight from the '70s, it has all the flair of the decade, setting it apart from the rest of his collection. If only Naomi knew about this one.

The person who has everything also likely has many butter-warming methods at their disposal (a microwave, a saucepan). But this cheery, vintage-looking enameled vessel is the cutest way to cook. The Dansk Kobenstyle Butter Warmer holds 19 ounces and is perfect for small tasks, such as heating up soup for one or warming a cup of hot chocolate. And the wooden handle is easy to grab, so the Kobenstyle vessel is perfect for ladling tasks. This petite pot also looks adorable sitting on a kitchen counter.

We all have a guy in our life who already seems to have everything he needs (and then some). He has impeccable taste. His home is well-decorated. He always has the latest and greatest technology. So what do you buy for a person who has everything?

Well, we have some ideas. Even if he has everything he needs, there are probably quite a few things he wants. You can't go wrong with elevated, practical essentials like a luxurious shave set or a new signature scent. Then, of course, there are experiential gifts that'll make for memorable moments. And then, there are the gifts that add to stuff you know he already owns, like a new band for his Apple Watch.

If he has everything already, an experiential gift will always be well-received. This virtual cooking class is a fun experience he can have without leaving home. He'll learn how to make sweet and savory pizza pies. It even comes with all the dough he'll need for the lesson.

This kit has everything he needs to make his grillmaster dreams come true. He'll truly become an expert on how different woods affect the taste of meat with this set that includes five different grilling planks, two types of smoking chips, and a small recipe book.

Whether he uses it for work, school, or even travel, he's going to love this backpack. And, no, it's not just for gamers! It has tons of different pockets so he can he easily find everything he needs right at his fingertips. It has spots for two laptops/tablets, headphones, and chargers with plenty of extra space for other necessities.

Cameron (she/her) is a staff writer for Good Housekeeping, where she covers everything from holidays to food. She is a graduate of Syracuse University, where she received a B.A. in magazine journalism. In her spare-time she can be found scrolling TikTok for the latest cleaning hacks and restaurant openings, binge-watching seasons of Project Runway or online shopping.

If he (and presumably you, the generous gifter) really loves his penis, why not let him clone it with a bonus paint job. With the Clone-A-Willy kit you have everything needed to create a hypoallergenic silicone vibrator moulded as a perfect replica of a penis of any size. So while you may find yourselves apart when the mood strikes, a very important part of him can always be close by.

Scented candles are a time-honoured gifting go-to, but you can rest assured that a glass jar of fragrant wax from Boy Smells won't be considered a last-minute cop-out. The brand's cannabis leaf-infused Kush range comprises some of its most popular products, and for a herbal scent that would elevate any home, the Italian iteration is our pick from within it, complimented by notes of citrus, black pepper, basil, patchouli and cypress. Should they express a serious liking to it, you can even get the scent in Eau de Parfum form, so that's their next birth


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