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So the upshot of this is that while I think that product samples are a great way to try out a new product or to familiarize yourself with a new product, or even to travel with (more on this another day!) we do have to be very wary and careful about using these product samples.

At one time, I used to collect these samples. I derived some sort of perverse pleasure from wheedling out a product sample from a tight-fisted SA at a beauty counter. Sometimes, I still do. Just to keep my hand in LOL! But buy off the internet? Are you stark raving bonkers?! ? Ok, tell me are you and do you? ?

Paris B is a 40-something beauty and skincare enthusiast with a practical and very critical view of beauty products and the world of beauty. Her mission on My Women Stuff is to deliver clear, honest reviews and facilitate discussions about beauty trends and life, tempered with a healthy dose of humour. Let the buyer's remorse be ours not yours! When not testing the newest skincare creams and lotions, or playing with makeup, find her testing her culinary skills in the kitchen at Chez PB. Read more about us here or leave a comment below or connect with us on social media at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Personally, I draw a distinction between product samples and gifts. Gifts are when I get a sample sized or deluxe sized item when purchasing my normal skin care. I request that those items match the line that I use which only makes sense since I know they work. I do keep those for travel.

I do buy samples off the internet. It lets me sample various skincare, there are some which I repurchase full size , but also some duds which saves me from splurging on full size.But 1 item which I always repurchase is the deluxe-size eye cream, the reason is it takes me forever to finish a full size , that I end up throwing the remainder away after expiry date. Plus the full size eye cream is really overpriced that I consider them a rip off. Deluxe size is just nice for me ?

I think keeping samples till they expire is what most of us do LOL! I personally tend to forget I even own these samples, and it becomes like a badge of honour you know, owning that giant box of samples that you never use ?

I also learned my lesson after I hung on to two subscription boxes for a year. I loved the feeling of getting the gift box every month. But like what you said again, I hardly use them. I do not go out of country enough to bring so many travel sizes. At home, I have full sizes of products that I already love. Till now, I can live on those samples I had accumulated from subscription boxes.

Samples are the same product as the full size ones. Factories usually run one lot of samples when they are running production for the full sizes. However, it would mean that one lot of samples can last quite a while, in terms of distribution.

Another way to get free samples is by entering giveaways on popular beauty blogs or magazines. For example, Allure magazine hosts its yearly giveaway where you have the chance to win hundreds of different skincare products, including moisturizers, lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadow palettes, and more.

This brand has so many great products! They send you a random free sample when you purchase something. They also have a Samples Page which offers various samples of their eye creams, foundations, and more for [$5].

Aleavia makes microbiome-friendly prebiotic skincare which is especially great for sensitive skin types. You can buy individual travel sizes of some of their products (body wash, face wash) for [$6] or a pack of three. Code ORGANICALLYBECCA also works for a discount on their site.

A lovely skincare company, founded by an herbal chemist. I absolutely love their Photonic SPF25 moisturizer (check this blog post for more info!). They offer samples ranging from [$4-$15] of some of their products.

Branch Basics has a [$20] travel kit that could double as samples. It includes a mini All-Purpose, Foaming Wash, and Concentrate for refilling. These


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