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Peaky Blinders Series 1

Peaky Blinders Series 1 ->>>

Due to the anticipation that surrounds them, drama finales have the potential to be very divisive. In this instance I am fully convinced that the vast majority of people will think that the Peaky Blinders finale is a brilliant way to cap off what has been a great series for the BBC.

It is rare that an ending seems to hit every right note and leave you feeling satisfied with the resolution for each character. Writer Steven Knight has achieved that here. It was a slick, well-structured finale that demonstrated the strong pacing and complicated plotting that has made the entire series a real pleasure to watch.

As with the whole series, the ending is driven entirely by character and their motivations. The bittersweet ending stays true to the characters built over the course of the series. On top of that, everything was pulled off with a great sense of panache and style.

The BBC must be congratulated on commissioning Peaky Blinders. Both dramatically and stylistically, the series is an absolute triumph. It may not be absolutely perfect, but it has been an engrossing and entertaining journey. According to writer Steven Knight, a second series is definitely on the cards. It can not come soon enough.

Early in the casting process, series showrunner Steven Knight met both Jason Statham and Cillian Murphy in Los Angeles to discuss the key role of Thomas Shelby. Initially, Knight had instantly opted for Statham due to his imposing presence, but later changed his mind and went for Murphy after he received a text from him - "Remember, I'm an actor" - that ultimately convinced him to reconsider.

The three Radiohead songs featured in the original soundtrack of the third series (You And Whose Army, I Might Be Wrong, and Life In A Glasshouse) are from the same album, Amnesiac. It is the fifth record from the Abingdon based band.

While there are many glaringly obvious themes throughout the series, one that is consistently leaned on is substance use, including abuse, and their effects on all relationships of any capacity. These vices are portrayed in many different ways.

Tony Pitts, who plays Sergeant (later Inspector) Moss, also plays a high-ranking police officer in the BBC drama series Line of Duty (2012) as Detective Hargreaves. Both characters are eventually revealed to be corrupt and working on behalf of organized crime.

Throughout the episodes, politics are a highly explored topic as Tommy builds his way up to the top. Season five differs a bit from the previous seasons by trying different things, especially by turning the focus of the series to political matters almost entirely.

This season pretty much took off where the previous one ended. The political storyline continues. The only thing that differs is Tommy deciding that he is now a good man who doesn't drink. While his efforts are notable, they all come apart when a series of tragic events occur.

Although the finale is arguably the best (and most mind-blowing) Peaky Blinders episode ever made, some aspects of this season left something to be desired. Polly, the soul of the series, was deeply missed, and her absence didn't go unnoticed. While it might not be the best season out of all six, it is still quite watchable, especially for those who enjoy a good cry.

Tommy wants to expand his business and his influence; he teams up with Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) to get a secure position in the London crime scene. He also meets May Carleton (Charlotte Riley), who offers to train his horse (but does so much more than that). Polly takes revenge for everything Inspector Campbell has put her through and shoots him dead, which results in one of the best scenes in the entire series.

Season four kicks off with each member of the Shelby family going their own way after spending six months in prison following series three's staggering finale; Tommy managed to save them from execution just under the wire (no pun intended) and spared everyone. This season also introduces us to new characters, such


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