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Download Uninstall Tool 5695 Rar !!TOP!!

- Uninstall Wizard: faster scan- Uninstall Wizard: detection of running processes among the traces found; termination on request- list program, better detection icon - Ability to force stop uninstall processes (when the Tuesday program, the installation is freezed)- Is the items recent in the secondary tools (not in status bar) with grouping items (Apps / System / hidden in the pop-up menu- Improved algorithm cache- Improve the use of search filters- List view with small icons looks better- Google for program name (Ctrl + G) and publisher (see menu 'Action')- The cache memory of the removal is stored in the File 'CachedData.dat' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA \ CrystalIdea Software \ Uninstall Tool).

Download Uninstall Tool 5695 rar



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