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Download Install Server For All Symbian


With components like Weather stopping working recently from the Nokia Maps suite in our Symbian smartphones, a very good question to ask yourself is what would happen if Nokia took its map servers offline too Hopefully they'll be in place until 2016, but you never know, especially with the Microsoft takeover. Which is why I've been investigating how to back up your downloaded offline country maps.

Now, most of us have already used the built-in Map Loader function to make sure that our own country's roads are offline, but how would you cope if you had to reset or replace your device and the servers were no longer online to allow you to stream or download the maps onto the new installation It's a chilling thought for such a navigation-strong smartphone OS.

In this case I was limited by the free mass memory on my E6, but I also didn't want the eventual backup/download to be too unwieldy, so I went for the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Total installation time (mainly limited by the downloads) was about half an hour.

In the event of something happening to your phone or Symbian install, and if Nokia has turned off the map servers, you're not totally out of luck. Simply copy /cities from one of your backups (obviously de-compressing if you'd archived it, as above) onto the root of your mass memory (E:) and you're done.

I will write a series of articles, with this being Part I itself. In this article, I will have you install your first working mobile web server and provide you with features and functions. Later articles will include the architecture, how it works, the application areas and will try to elaborate more useful information and details on the web-server. So, here we go...

To start with it, you must register by filling up the form at this location. You must choose a valid and available Sub-Domain name for making your cell-phone uniquely reachable on the internet. Like mine is and you can hit the web-server running on my cell-phone by typing this URL in any web-browser, anywhere in the world. So, please choose a good name as well. The web-server can host CGI applications on py60 (Python for S60), static HTML web-pages and it comes with pre-bundled application with basic services which you can access at your URL, which in my case is , as I said earlier. Once you've reserved a unique location on the web for your Cell-Phone + Web-Server, you can download the web-server and install it on your cell-phone. You can download the server from here. You can use Nokia PC suite to install the server application. After installation, your application menu should display with the icon of the server like this..

Now, start the application by clicking on the icon and you should see the main application menu. Now, our objective is to let the server know its identity by binding it to the respective URL, in my case as you know it'd be When you run it for the first time, it will detect it as a fresh installation and will prompt you to punch in the most basic details to let itself bind it to a unique Internet location. You can download the User Manual from the web-site in order to complete the installation and play around with it in more details. Once you've started the server successfully, you should see this screen on your mobile.

I have been trying to download some application but it usually write file corropted.i just come across hacking of phone from ur site here. Pls i have been using my E63 since, i have install explorer, netqin antivirus and some applications dat am lucky to install, i install some on phone memory and some on my 4GB memory card. if i want to hack my phone, should i remove my memory card Or which application did i need to delete. Thanks

the solution is for you to first try to install clean apps like whatsapp, and if you still get corrupt apps message, then you need to hardreset your phone before you can hack it. however if you can install any clean sym


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