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Buy Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Buy Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator is the lightest and most compact portable unit on the market today. This unit only weighs 1.75 pounds (2.2 pounds with both micro batteries). Each micro battery lasts 1.5 hours, providing a total of 3 hours at a setting of 2. With the comfortable strap or using the belt clip, the AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator is perfect for both local use and travel. The unit is FAA approved and used worldwide, which makes it the perfect oxygen concentrator for you or your loved one.

Weighing a mere 1.75 pounds and standing just 4.8" W x 2.5" D x 6.4" H the AirSep Focus is the world's smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator. It's small size simplifies daily living and makes things like shopping, exercising, and family outings more enjoyable and manageable. It offers a pulse flow setting of 2 and it operates on AC power, DC power, and battery power.

One of the great features of the Focus is its simple operation. It only offers one oxygen setting which means all you need to do is connect a battery and flip the power switch on in order to get your required oxygen. You can easily recharge your batteries and power your concentrator virtually anywhere with the convenient universal power supply. The universal power supply is equipped with both AC and DC power cords so you can use it at home or on the go!

Medical oxygen is a necessity for patients with COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other chronic respiratory diseases. Its purpose is to maintain pulmonary stability, reduce symptoms of breathlessness and chest pain, and to ensure blood oxygen levels remain normal. There are many different types of oxygen therapy including compressed oxygen tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, home oxygen concentrators, and portable oxygen concentrators.

AirSep was founded in 1987 in Buffalo, New York. In 2012, it was acquired by Chart Industries, a manufacturer of equipment used to store industrial and hydrocarbon gases. Since its inception, AirSep has been a global leader in oxygen concentrator manufacturing. They produce a wide array of oxygen concentrators and they distribute their products in more than 100 countries around the world.

The AirSep Focus and the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator are on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to oxygen output. The Focus goes up to a setting of 2 which is the equivalent of about 330 ml/min of oxygen. The Inogen One G5, on the other hand, has the highest oxygen output of any pulse flow oxygen concentrator on the market with 6 pulse flow settings; the equivalent of 1,260 ml/min of oxygen.

Another important factor when choosing a portable oxygen concentrator is its weight. Having a light unit means having the freedom to go where you want without the fear of becoming exhausted, out of breath, or experiencing back or shoulder pain. Fortunately, there are a lot of great lightweight oxygen concentrators out there and the Inogen One G5 and AirSep Focus are two of the best.

You can plug your concentrator into the power supply to supply you with oxygen or you can plug your micro batteries directly into the power supply to recharge them. This feature is one of the favorites among our patients. It essentially lets you have an external battery charger wherever you go!

The portable oxygen concentrator AirSep Focus produces the oxygen inside a compact design and allows you to choose up to 5 pulse options settings. Employs a unique efficient and flexible delivery system of the pulse flow, which allows patients to perform the best of their activities.

The Focus mobile concentrator is perfect for altitude hiking and hikes. If you have a small portable oxygen concentrator, it should definitely have batteries that continue to give you the kind of freedom you need. The two micro batteries that come with your AirSep Focus will last for up to 3 hours (1.5 hours for each one). These are powerful lithium ion batteries that you can recharge with the AC/DC power supply when you are sitting still.

If your healthcare provider determines that you would benefit from home oxygen, you'll want to follow the steps as outlined by Medicare. Before calling the oxygen supply company, make sure you have a written prescription from your practitioner for the home oxygen equipment and supplies you'll need, from the oxygen concentrator all the way down to the tubing. If you don't have a practitioner's order, Medicare won't cover the supplies. Make sure your prescription is signed and dated by your medical professional.

This depends on your specific condition. If you require an oxygen concentrator, ask your doctor if it's safe to use the device during the night. Some devices are not designed to be used while sleeping and doing so may trigger the safety alert system.

Most oxygen concentrators are created with durability in mind since they are made for daily use and travel. Even with normal wear and tear, a POC typically lasts between 4 to 7 years. When purchased new, many devices come with a 3 to 5 year warranty. You can help prolong the lifespan of your machine by keeping it clean, staying on top of routine maintenance, and handling it with care to prevent damage.

Most portable oxygen concentrators are designed to run 24/7. However, in order to prevent damage and overheating, it is best to allow your POC to cool off between uses. Unplug the device, remove the batteries, and store it in a cool, dry place. Also, remember that some machines are not appropriate for use while you sleep.

The Airsep Focus miniature portable oxygen concentrator is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market to date. Providing oxygen at a flow rate of 2lpm pulse on demand only.Weighing at an incredible 0.8kg this is the first pocket-sized concentrator to reach oxygen users. An ideal device for ambulatory patients who struggle to carry cylinders.

The Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator allows you to go where you want, when you want without having to carry added system weight. The Focus POC is extremely lightweight, versatile and reliable. The one pulse setting of (2 LPM) will meet the needs of a broad range of those with respiratory ailments. The Focus portable oxygen concentrator can run off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AC power or DC power, allowing you to go practically anywhere without worrying about your portable oxygen supply. Below is our honest product review and facts from Portable Oxygen Solutions.

AirSep focuses on delivering the lightest and most portable oxygen concentrator on the market. Weighing in at less than 2 lbs the Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator aims to keep the active in your lifestyle, by providing quality oxygen when you need it.

nAirSep focuses on delivering the lightest and most portable oxygen concentrator on the market. Weighing in at less than 2 lbs the Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator aims to keep the active in your lifestyle, by providing quality oxygen when you need it. The Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator will never need refilling and is simple to use and setup, so you can quickly take it where you need to go. A pulse flow setting of 2 gives you the ability ambulate like never before. n nUltraSense n nUltraSense Technology ensures a more sensitive pulse dose delivery than many other machines. The advanced intelligence incorporated into the microprocessors of the Airsep Focus portable oxygen concentrator guarantees quick, reliable pulse dose delivery in the first phase of inhalation, during the highest levels of gas exchange within the lungs. You can expect to receive oxygen reliably when you need it most. n nRechargeable Batteries n nThe Focus includes two batteries that last 1.5 hours separately and 3 hours together. You can purchase the AirBelt extended battery that can provide up to 7 hours of battery life in-conjunction with the standard batteries. Each battery is rechargeable: all you need to do is plug the Focus into a AC/DC power supply. It takes approximately 4 hours to recharge the batteries 100%. n nCompact Portability n nThe Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the lightest and smallest portable oxygen concentrator on the market. Weighing in at less than 2 lbs you can take the Focus anywhere you need to go. With the Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator you can live the life you want without being chained by your oxygen needs. n n

The AirSep Focus is a super light weight, portable oxygen concentrator offering a pulse dose setting of 2 to cover the most commonly prescribed setting. Early stage COPD oxygen users can enjoy active lifestyles with this small and durable device.

Our Airsep Focus repair service is fast and affordable. All portable oxygen repairs are performed by our certified technicians. Altra POC Repair is an Authorized Service Center for Caire and the Airsep Focus portable oxygen concentrator. Click Schedule Service below to start the easy process. We complete a thorough evaluation and provide a no cost, no obligation estimated cost to repair. Trust the repair experts at Altra POC Repair. 59ce067264


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