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PC Game 2014

each element has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. waterbending, for example, can be very useful in the midst of combat when moving around, but its not the strongest element to use for making direct attacks.

in the gameplay demo we were playing, the character we were controlling wore a bright orange outfit that indicated she was a firefighter. we were told that this was indicative of some of the other characters outfits, so youll always know who is where. also, whenever the avatar uses her bending, you will also have an indication of what she is using. for example, when we were fighting a big steam-powered mech that was tearing through a group of enemy soldiers, we could see that the avatar was using water. this was indicated by a blue aura around her.

in combat, you will need to use each of the elements in different ways. you can also pair up with a friend via asynchronous local co-op. this involves you and your friend sharing the same screen, with you playing as the avatar and your friend as a bender that you can switch back and forth between. other online features, including leaderboards, achievements, and online cooperative play, are also available. in these fights, there are two main types of enemies. in my demo, the avatar walked down a series of ramps that dropped down at different points, making for a gradual climb up the side of an obstacle. at the top of the climb, the avatar would usually face a heavy opposer.

the other enemies are called fangjaws. they come in a couple different varieties and each one brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages. some can push the avatar around, while others can set up trip mines, rendering one of the elements completely useless. the avatar can use all four elements during combat. 3d9ccd7d82


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