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Buy Fridge Magnets [PATCHED]

Want a magnetic surface? This one will work. Put it up on a wall, just not in the kitchen. Stick on magnets and all those papers that used to be on the refrigerator. Done and done.Buy the Umbra Bulletboard Magnet Bulletin Board for $42.84

buy fridge magnets


Once you move the papers, photos, notices, and magnets off your fridge, your kitchen will immediately look better organized. Someday, you might organize it. But, for now, the clutter is in a better place. And so are you.

Brighten up your fridge with the classic souvenir! Shop our selection of exclusive fridge magnets in all colours of the rainbow. With designs inspired by ancient Egypt and Greece, the Lewis Chessmen, the Fuji Wave, the Rosetta Stone and of course the British Museum itself, the perfect new addition to your kitchen awaits.

for your orders, for a quote orsimply if you just need some advice ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS Access all artwork specifications for our entire range of products to help you streamline the design process. ARTWORK TEMPLATES Save time by downloading any of our huge range of magnet templates to assist with your design. FONTS & COLOR CHARTS View our range of fonts and colors to help you create an effective, eye catching design that gets results! Calendar Builder Try our free calendar builder. Standard or financial year, includes school and public holidays for all states. MEASUREMENT GUIDES View our guide on measuring your magnets or artwork to help decide what size you need to order. INSPIRATION GALLERY Choose from over 100 million free images to help you create an effective design that generates results. WHY US .why-us-rowdisplay: flex;justify-content: space-between;align-items: bottom;margin: 25px 0;.why-us-row .why-us-itemwidth: 20%;text-align: center;cursor: pointer;.why-us-row .why-us-item spanwidth: 100%;text-transform: uppercase;display: block;text-align: center;font-weight: bold;font-size: 14px;margin-top: 20px;.why-us-row .why-us-item:hover spancolor: #297dc1;.why-us-row .why-us-item imgheight: 80px;Fast, Free ShippingPremium QualityFast Response TimesRock Bottom PricesFree ArtworkSuper Fast ProductionFree Die CostsSpecial DealsFree StuffExpert AdviceHelp?

Fridge Magnets are custom made and as a result can come in a vast array of sizes. has a number of popular sizes you can choose from but we can in fact manufacture virtually any size you want - simply input it into the boxes. Our custom refrigerator magnets have a minimum dimension limit of 1" and a maximum of 11.75". In other words the smallest refrigerator magnet we can make is 1" x 1" and the largest refrigerator magnet we can make is 11.75" x 11.75". We can of course manufacture fridge magnets of any size within these constraints. We do not charge setup costs for this service.

When entering the size of your desired fridge magnet, you should input the maximum vertical measurement and the maximum horizontal measurement of the design you have, or for the scaled size you would like to order. It does not matter which order you put the dimensions in as we will work that out when we take a look at your artwork. If the size of your fridge magnets need readjusting later on, we will let you know when we have assessed the artwork.

Because we can manufacture custom refrigerator magnets in virtually any size, it can be sometimes hard to choose which size to get. Don't worry though! Here we will provide some advice on sizing as well as some popular measurements for some of our popular magnet styles.

In general, the more advertising space you want, the larger the fridge magnets you order should be. Keep in mind though that too big will take up a lot of space on the front of a refrigerator and may be intrusive, so consider the needs of your clients. If your refrigerator magnets are more decorative and feature an attractive design you could probably get away with having an enormous magnet, but if it is a straight up advertisement, you may want to consider something smaller and a little less obtrusive.

Calendar Magnets require a larger area to accommodate for the months of the calendar itself, and in turn are a little larger. They give you more advertising space but because clients can use and refer to them, these fridge magnets will not feel overly intrusive. The most popular size for calendar fridge magnets is 4" x 8".

Like Calendar Magnets, Sports Schedule magnets tend to be larger to allow space for the schedule as well as team branding or business contact information. Usually, Sports Schedule Magnets have a size of 5.5" x 3.5".

Reference Magnets need to be large in order to fit all the useful information that your clients will want to refer to. This is particularly true for restaurants using them as menu magnets, as they need to feature menu items and prices. The smallest standard size we recommend for reference magnets is 4" x 8" which also happens to be the most popular size for this particular style.

Special Events Magnets can really vary based on the amount of information you want to display and the general design of the artwork. They can be small or large. The most popular size for special events magnets is 3" x 4".

Finally we have Whiteboard Fridge Magnets. These refrigerator magnets need to be really big to allow for doodling and leaving small notes by your clients. These are generally ordered at a size of 4" x 5.75" but we have done them as large as 8.25" x 11.75".

Keep these classic images of the Italian Riviera close to your heart. A set of fridge magnets with an authentic Italian charm. These handmade fridge magnets are perfect for decorating your fridge with something you can treasure every day.

Photo magnet is a piece of photo printed on a glossy photo paper placed on a highly flexible magnetic foil. You can place a photo magnet on any magnetic surface according to your wishes. The core idea of photo magnets is to preserve your precious moments and memories from your digital archives (computer, phone, etc.) and social media.

Fridge magnets have proven their worth for many decades: William Zimmerman from the US state of Missouri filed a patent in the early 1970s for small, colorful cardboard magnets that have since been used to decorate refrigerators and magnetic surfaces such as magnetic boards. Today, the magnets in their motifs and shape are much more complex than in the old millennium and, above all, in love with detail. This makes them one of the most popular decorative accessories in most German households and helps them not only to stick their favorite motif or favorite photo on the wall, but also one or the other cheeky saying.

In the magnet shop, we rely on power magnets made of neodymium, which can have an adhesive force of several kilos. Neodymium is a chemical element that is one of the rare earth metals. It is used in an iron-boron-neodymium alloy for strong permanent magnets. In addition to this very technical property, we invest a lot of work and enthusiasm for the design of our magnets, which turn a practical object into a versatile decorative element for your own four walls or for work. Discover the variety of our products as decorations for the home, which have surprises for all ages. They are also a funny eye-catcher on the whiteboards in the office.

A final introductory fact: Our colored decorative magnets for the fridge are also often used by companies as mailing amplifiers. Here you increase the sympathy value of your campaign tremendously. At the end we will show you ideas for this again.

They can be a lucky charm, decorative element or a funny reminder of children's days: fridge magnets in various sizes are a personal and very individual gift just because of their loving and elaborate design and are not only given away privately, but also used by companies as innovative goodies. Magnets for the fridge can be a motivational aid and a reminder in the form of a note in one, because they reliably carry the important memories of everyday life on your memo board or the fridge door and makes your kitchen work much easier. Incidentally, this does not only work for adults. Order online now!

Iconic television programs or books that belong to every beautiful childhood memory, form the basis of our attractive fridge magnets. Many fun motifs in bright colors can already be found in the magnet shop, which we will introduce to you in a selection of our power magnets below.

These idiosyncratic episodes have embossed several generations. "The Little Mole" was originally an invention from the Czech Republic and was created by illustrator Zdeněk Miler from Prague. According to legend, the cheeky-looking cartoon character was developed when Miler stumbled over a molehill. The best friends of this little digger are the rabbit, the hedgehog and the mouse. The series attracted great attention due to its environmental aspect and was understood worldwide because the mole itself does not speak. His sweet nose and bright eyes also made it onto our funny fridge magnets and have enriched many of the nation's households since then.

This iconic television character is proven to be the greatest lying bear of all time. He retires on an old and wrecked ship that has found its home on a high cliff. Here Captain Bluebear tells his grandchildren amazing adventures that the captain with the blue fur and his yellow assistant Hein Blöd were allowed to experience or were just able to spook. Seldom has sailor yarn been more child-friendly and not only the cutter crew, but also your family offspring should love this bear. Therefore, it has also found its way into the magnet shop and will decorate your child's room or the fridge door at home in an age-appropriate manner.

The TV Show "The program with the mouse" is one of the most successful children's programs on German television. The mouse guides them through the program with their companion, the blue elephant. This is where laughing and factual stories come together, which are supplemented by animated and knowledge films. The mouse has been flickering on the screen since 1971 and should be an identification figure for children and parents alike. You can also get the orange mouse on our strong magnets, for example to design a whiteboard. 041b061a72


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