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[NEW] All Star Tower Defense Script GUI | Auto ...

Looking for the latest All Star Tower Defense codes to redeem for free gems and more? All Star Tower Defense is one of Roblox's most popular and enduring tower defense games, where the "towers" are characters from popular anime. Some of these characters are much stronger than others, so you should get the strongest characters possible if you want to survive against all the oncoming enemies.

[NEW] All Star Tower Defense Script GUI | Auto ...

Created in 2020 by the developers Top Down Games, All Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game where players are tasked to place defensive structures along the path in order to defend their territories from incoming enemy attacks.

Unlike most tower defense games, All Star Tower Defense ditches the regular gun turret we are all used to in favour of anime-based character. From Broly to Whitebeard, the game offers a wide variety of characters that are present in games like One Piece and Demon Slayer. 041b061a72


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