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Harold Speed Oil Painting Techniques Pdf 22

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Harold Speed Oil Painting Techniques Pdf 22

First published in 1924, Harold Speed's "The Science and Practice of Oil Painting" is the informative and fascinating guide to oil painting by the renowned painter and teacher. Speed was born in London in 1872 and studied architecture at the Royal College of Art before he began painting. He then studied art at the Royal Academy Schools and was elected to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 1896. Speed later wrote many instructional manuals on drawing and painting, including his widely influential "The Practice and Science of Drawing", published in 1913. Like his other works, "The Science and Practice of Oil Painting" is full of helpful advice and penetrating insights that are presented in an engaging and personal manner. Speed covers all of the important aspects that an oil painter must consider, such as materials, techniques, training exercises, and an invaluable discussion of tone, color, and form. Speed also examines in great detail the styles of many famous painters and encourages his readers to become better observers of the world around them. This classic guide is an important resource for aspiring and experienced painters as well as those that wish to better appreciate the art of painting. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper. 1e1e36bf2d


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