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Afterlife Ghost Stories from Goa: A Review of the Book by Jessica Faleiro

If you are looking for a book that will give you goosebumps and make you curious about the mysteries of Goa, then you should check out Afterlife Ghost Stories from Goa by Jessica Faleiro. This book is a collection of spooky tales that revolve around the Fonseca family, who gather in a mansion for a birthday celebration. As the power goes out and the rain pours outside, they start sharing ghost stories that are connected to their family history and culture.



The book has two sections, each containing six stories narrated by different family members. The stories range from haunted buildings and mysterious sightings to exorcisms and magic spells. Some of the stories are based on real events and legends, while others are purely fictional. The stories have a distinct Goan flavor, as they reflect the Catholic religion, Portuguese influence, and local folklore of the state. The author also uses vivid descriptions of the settings, such as beaches, temples, libraries, and palaces, to create a sense of atmosphere and suspense.

The book is not only a horror anthology, but also a family saga that reveals the hopes, dreams, personalities, and secrets of the Fonseca clan. The stories also explore themes such as love, betrayal, revenge, faith, and reincarnation. The book has a twist at the end that will surprise and shock the readers.

Afterlife Ghost Stories from Goa is a book that will appeal to fans of horror, fiction, and Indian literature. It is available in paperback and PDF 11 format. You can buy it online or download it for free from various websites. If you want to read some chilling stories of ghosts and spirits from Goas rich and diverse culture, then this book is for you.

One of the stories that stands out in the book is The Library, narrated by Joanna, one of Savios daughters. It is about a girl named Anjali, who is dared by her friends to spend a night in a haunted library. She accepts the challenge, hoping to impress a boy she likes. However, she soon realizes that the library is not as empty as it seems. She encounters a ghostly librarian, who forces her to read books that reveal her deepest fears and secrets. The story is a psychological thriller that explores the themes of guilt, shame, and redemption.

Another story that is memorable is The Bird, narrated by Eduardo, Savios cousin. It is about a man named Raul, who believes that his dead wife has been reincarnated as a bird. He becomes obsessed with the bird, and neglects his family and work. He also starts to hear his wifes voice in his head, telling him to do things that he normally wouldnt do. The story is a tragic tale of love, loss, and madness.

The book also has some humorous stories, such as The Message, narrated by Carol, Savios other daughter. It is about a man named Tony, who receives a message from his uncles ghost on his phone. The message tells him to go to a certain place and do something for him. Tony follows the instructions, hoping to inherit his uncles fortune. However, he soon realizes that the message was not from his uncle, but from someone else who wanted to prank him. The story is a comedy of errors that shows how technology can be used for mischief. c481cea774


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