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A hostel is a form of low-cost, short-term shared sociable lodging where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed in a dormitory, with shared use of a lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex and have private or shared bathrooms. Private rooms may also be available, but the property must offer dormitories to be considered a hostel. Hostels are popular forms of lodging for backpackers. They are part of the sharing economy. Benefits of hostels include lower costs and opportunities to meet people from different places, find travel partners, and share travel ideas. Some hostels, such as in India or Hostelling International, cater to a niche market of travelers. For example, one hostel might feature in-house social gatherings such as movie nights or communal dinners, another might feature local tours, one might be known for its parties, and another might have a quieter place to relax in serenity, or be located on the beach. Newer hostels focus on a more trendy design interior, some of which are on par with boutique hotels. Some may cater to older digital nomads, global nomads, and perpetual travelers that prefer slightly more upmarket private rooms or a quieter atmosphere.


Many hostels are locally owned and operated, and are often cheaper for both the operator and occupants than hotels. Hostels may offer long-term lodging to guests for free or at a discount in exchange for work as a receptionist or in housekeeping.

In addition to shared kitchen facilities, some hostels have a restaurant and/or bar. Washing machines and clothes dryers are often provided for an additional fee. Hostels sometimes have entryways for storing gear. Most hostels offer lockers for safely storing valuables. Some bare-bones hostels do not provide linens. Some hostels may have a curfew and daytime lockouts, and some, albeit few, require occupants to do chores apart from washing and drying after food preparation.

A mobile hostel is a temporary hostel that can take the form of a campsite, bus, van, or a short-term arrangement in a permanent building. They have been used at large festivals or trips where there is a shortage of lodging.

A 2013 study in Australia showed that youth travel was the fastest-growing travel demographic and that the hostel industry was growing at a faster rate than the hotel industry. It showed that youth travel can lead to higher overall spending due to longer trips than traditional vacations. In New Zealand, backpackers hostels had a 13.5% share of lodging guests/nights in 2007.

In August 1909, Richard Schirrmann, a teacher in Germany, first published his idea of inexpensive accommodation for youth travel after leading a school camping trip that was derailed by a thunderstorm. Schirrmann received considerable support and opened a makeshift hostel for hikers in the school in which he taught.

By 1932, Germany had more than 2,000 hostels recording more than 4.5 million overnights annually. The International Youth Hostel Federation (now Hostelling International) was founded in October 1932. It is now an organization composed of more than 90 hostel associations representing over 4,500 hostels in over 80 countries. These hostels cater more to school-aged children, sometimes through school trips, and families with school-aged children.

Two college students, Paxton Rodriguez and Josh Brooks, travel across Europe with their Icelandic friend Óli Eriksson. In the Netherlands, they visit an Amsterdam nightclub, followed by a brothel. Unable to get back into their hostel because of a curfew, they accept the offer of a man named Alexei to stay at his apartment. He convinces them that, instead of going to Barcelona, they should visit a hostel in Slovakia filled with beautiful women.

The three board a train to Slovakia, where they encounter a Dutch businessman, who touches Josh's leg. Josh yells at him, causing him to leave. Arriving in Slovakia, they find that their roommates in the hostel are two women, Natalya and Svetlana. The women invite them to a spa, and later to a disco. Josh has a run in with a gang of local criminal gypsy kids. The Dutch businessman intervenes to defend him. Josh apologizes for his reaction on the train.

Josh wakes up in a dungeon-like room, where the Dutch businessman begins maiming him with a drill, making holes in Josh's body, slicing his achilles tendons, then slitting his throat. Paxton wakes up in the disco and returns to the hostel, where he learns that he had supposedly checked out. He is greeted by two women who invite him to the spa. Suspicious, he locates Natalya and Svetlana; Natalya takes Paxton to an old factory, where he sees Josh's mutilated corpse being stitched together by the Dutch businessman. Two men drag Paxton down a hallway, passing by several rooms where other people are being tortured. Paxton is restrained and prepped to be tortured by a German client named Johann.

Just returned from a two night stay with four guys on a mission to tackle Mad River Glen and sample some amazing New England micros. The hostel provided all the basics, no frills, and had a great hybrid NE//European flavor. The bar had an amazing selection of local micro (Topper, Lawson's, Hills ... to name a few). 5 minutes to Warren, 12 minutes to MRG. DEFINITELY coming back.

The hostel experience embraces community living with agreed upon etiquette and the shared economy practices of dormitory bunking and sharing amenities, space and time with fellow travelers, enjoying events and meals together, or just gathering for a bit of conversation. It also includes cleaning up after oneself and participating in light chores like stripping the bed and bringing laundry to the laundry room at the end of the stay.

Wondering where to stay? ?With amazing private rooms, comfy dorms and stylish common areas, The RomeHello is simply perfect to meet international #travelers , make new friends and have lots of fun! ????#theromehello #hostel #hostellife #activities #travel #rome #roma

What is Hostelling?Originating in Europe, hostels provide travelers of all ages an inexpensive, friendly atmosphere for spending the night. There are nearly 200 Hostelling International hostels from coast to coast. Hostellers provide their own linens and clean up after themselves; it is this self-help system which allows hostels to be inexpensive and to offer a friendly, cooperative spirit. Groups will discover that hostelling strengthens their programs. Day use for groups is available for an additional fee.The Pigeon Point HostelThe Pigeon Point Lighthouse hostel is operated by the Golden Gate Council of Hostelling International, a nonprofit membership organization, with cooperation from the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the United States Coast Guard.In 1960 the US Coast Guard built four, three-bedroom houses next to the lighthouse. Today, through the efforts of Hostelling International, these structures offer overnight lodging for up to 50 hostellers of all ages. Each house has three male or female bunkrooms; separate bunkrooms may be reserved for families and couples. Guests share bathrooms with hot showers, fully-equipped kitchens and living rooms. Meeting space is available. Hostel Information can be obtained at HI Pigeon Point LighthouseLocation/Address Located 50 miles south of San Francisco and 26 miles north of Santa Cruz just off Highway One, you can't miss the 115-foot lighthouse five miles south of the Pescadero turnoff. No public transportation is available.

hostel (third-person singular simple present hostels, present participle hosteling or hostelling, simple past and past participle hosteled or hostelled)

hostel m (oblique plural hosteaus or hosteax or hostiaus or hostiax or hostels, nominative singular hosteaus or hosteax or hostiaus or hostiax or hostels, nominative plural hostel)

We have collected lots of cool old firefighting artifacts and equipment from the early 20th century. They are lovingly displayed for all to see. Tours can be arranged. Call (501) 476-0294 or email:

We have answers! We have compiled a list of common questions about hostels in general, our hostel in particular, and more. Click here to view, and if we were not the mind-readers that we intended to be, please contact us.

We offer affordable quality lodging and events for travelers in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Our Hostel Cafe is a gathering space for locals and travelers alike, serving American classics and local beer, cider and kombucha on tap. \"A genuine hostel for travelers, by travelers!\" 041b061a72


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