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Ron Costa - Superstition

Eastern or western superstitions aside. These lovely feathers were not intended for us humans. They are for the peahen alone. It is the drab mousy brown female peafowl who we have to thank for such sights. She had the vision, and over thousands - if not millions - of years, she has put the peacock through his paces. Brighter! Bigger! Bolder! Until finally we have this specimen - the ultimate avian drag queen.

Ron Costa - Superstition

Considering the practicality of giving knives as a gift, it has become the go-to present no matter the occasion. However, if you are a god fearing mortal, there are a number of superstitions attached to knives that you need to know firsthand.

Whether you believe in the superstitions that say giving a knife causes bad luck or not, the best move is to include a coin in your gift. This has been the tradition for most European and American countries, although the specific country of origin remains obscure.

One of the popular superstitions about knives in Ireland is that if you leave knives that cross each other on the counter top, it causes arguments. Another common understanding of this superstition is that an argument will ensue if you leave crossed knives on the counter.

Since a knife is a powerful weapon, a common superstition in China is that if you sleep with knives under your pillow then you can scare away evil spirits. Considering the large spiritual belief within the country, many people have heard and believed this superstition to be true.

Another superstition popular in Russia is where if you lick food off a knife, you will become a cruel person. This superstition might have come to fruition due to how it looks when people lick anything off a knife.

A common misconception is a viewpoint or factoid that is often accepted as true but which is actually false. They generally arise from conventional wisdom (such as old wives' tales), stereotypes, superstitions, fallacies, a misunderstanding of science, or the popularization of pseudoscience. Some common misconceptions are also considered to be urban legends, and they are often involved in moral panics. 041b061a72


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