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Home Staging

A Buyer's First Impression

May Sell Your Home


When you prepare a home to sell, you’re creating a lifestyle that buyers want.


Staging transforms your home into an engaging and neutral space that people can connect with.


Buyers are looking for a place to make their dreams come true. Staging can help them envision a future where  they are living in your home.


Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

A Home Stager Can Identify Those Changes

Define & Optimize

We begin by helping you define the spaces in your home and optimize them to reflect what buyers are looking for, keeping current lifestyle trends in mind. We may find that a space you used as a den may be better serve as a home office.


Helping you decide which items that you own will enhance your spaces or may be moved to different locations where they can better highlight a home feature is one way we can help. Making small changes can have a big impact.


Whether you are still living in your home or it is currently vacant, we can bring in furniture and accessories to enhance the space and truly make it shine.


We're Here to Help

  • Make Your Home Stand Out

  • Sell Your Property Quickly

  • Get the Most Value from Your Home

  • Improve Your Home's Online Presence

  • Avoid Repeated Price Reductions

Need to Sell Quickly?

We can help you get the most value from your home


Staging Your Home


Sometimes you just need a little help.

We offer consulting services in 2 hour block packages to help you get started.

Occupied Homes

When you are occupying your home, we curate what you have and help you neutralize your style so it will appeal to the widest number of buyers.



When you are selling a vacant home, we help you furnish and accessorize the home so it will entice the most visitors and attract the right buyer at the desired price.


We love working with realtors because we know that staging can be just what is needed to bring in the right buyer which is an ideal way to close a sale quickly.

"Special thanks to Mayra for staging my home and preparing it for the market. She was wonderful to work with and she taught me a few things too. I love her style and her work. I would recommend Mayra if you're looking for someone who can organize or stage your home."



By Bringing Out It's Very Best

Golden Star
Keys To The New Place

Why Stage Your Home?

There are many compelling reasons to stage your home. The most vital is to give you peace of mind.


Selling a home can be stressful and overwhelming. It's hard to objectively assess your own home and belongings. That's where we come in. We determine what makes your home stand out in the market and accentuate its aesthetics, drawing in prospective buyers that will love living in your home.

We can make your home shine.

What We Do:

We prepare your home for the market:

  • Refine spaces for function and aesthetics

  • Curate & edit what you have if your home is occupied

  • Bring in furniture & accessories to enhance the space

  • Create a clean, neutral and cohesive look throughout

We provide a fresh eye.

Our Process:

We approach your home with the eye of a buyer and envision it in it's best light. We help you bring out its best features and emphasize flow and function throughout the space. When needed, we bring in modern, transitional furniture coupled with a well thought floor plan/furniture layout plan, to help buyers visualize themselves living in the space. 

We bring out the very best.


We've got it


Have You


Noticed That Your Home Doesn't Look It's Best Online?

The photos of your home online do not do it justice and you know if you could only get people in the door they would love your home.

One of the main things staging can do is to get you ready for your photoshoot. Stagers know how to place things to help the photographer get those great shots.

Had Your Home

Sit on the Market

for Months or Years?

Has your home been listed for an extended period of time, without getting any substantial offers? Other homes in your area have managed to sell, while yours seems to get little attention from buyers.

Grabbing the attention of the buyers in a sea of available homes can be a challenge. Home stagers know how to help your home stand out from the rest.

Dropped Your Asking Price

Again & Again?

Your home has been on the market for some time but you haven't been getting an offers so you try dropping your price, a few months go by, still nothing so your realtor suggests another price drop. This is not what you had hoped for.

Showcasing your home's value is something a stager can help with. Often small changes can make all the difference. Repurposing a space to fill will add value and help the sale.

  "I received exceptional service from Mayra, as she carefully prepared and staged my home for the market.  Her attention to detail is excellent.  If you are looking for a home designer, home organizer and/or stager, Mayra is an excellent choice."    

Staging Your Own Home is Difficult Because

It's Your Home

We Have a Fresh Set of Eyes

You Have Questions

  • What is Home Staging?

  • The Benefits of Home Staging

  • Home Staging vs Interior Decorating

We Have Answers



As Home Stagers & Organizational Consultants,

We've Got Your Back

Together, We've Got This
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