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Village Feud

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The aim of this strategy game is to take over your rival's village in a duel. In this game, you have the option to create your own village. Start with a simple townhall and upgrade it to the best village you can, with the best buildings, weapons and troops.

You start the game with only a simple townhall, however here you can build on any aspect of your village. Do you want a strong army? Build an armoury. A better economy? Build more houses. Upgrade your city in the way you see fit and watch your village grow.

In the game you can recruit a variety of troops, with each their own strengths and weaknesses, to attack your rival village. The better your village, the stronger the units you are able to recruit. Watch the battles play out from the safety of your village or be on the front line leading your troops to victory.

Earlier, the Kamjong district administration imposed Section 144 of the CrPC in and around the district headquarters to prevent any untoward incidents after clashes erupted between two communities in Chassad village.

The acting governor of the province of Mardin, Ahmet Ferhat Ozen, told Reuters by telephone the assailants, stormed a building in Bilge village near Sultankoy, some 20 kilometers from Mardin, and opened fire on wedding guests.

The assailants escaped from the isolated region of Turkey on the border with Syria before soldiers surrounded the village and cut off road access. Pursuit of the attackers was being hindered by a sandstorm, authorities said.

Local rivalry spilling into deadly feuds are not unheard of in southeast Turkey, although it is rare for the death toll to be so high. The scale of the latest attack would be of deep concern to the government, which is attempting to defuse tensions in the southeast born of separatist conflict.

There are some 57,000 state-sponsored village guards throughout Turkey's southeast. They are part of a controversial policy established in 1985 to set up a paramilitary force to protect villages against PKK attacks, patrol the rugged mountains and help fight the separatists.

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Ethnologically, the Tolowa were the people of Smith River and theadjacent ocean frontage. Tolowa, like so many California designations ofpseudo-tribal nature, was alien to the people to whom it was applied. Itwas of Yurok origin. The names and locations of the Tolowa villages, asgiven by themselves, have not been recorded. Eight to ten villages areknown under their Yurok designations, and as many under the names whichthe Rogue River Athabascans of Oregon applied to them. [25]

The Tolowa villagers engaged in wars among themselves as readily aswith alien villages, though it is likely that in the former case eachside was limited to kinsmen, while an expedition for revenge against aYurok or Karok settlement might unite the nation. In the 1870s there wasa blood feud between Seninghat and one or more of the Lake Earlvillages. A number of years before, there had been war between Hawinwetand Rekwoi, the latter the Yurok village at the mouth of the Klamath.Blood relatives of the inhabitants—in othervillages—participated, but the other Tolowa towns, though inintermediate positions, remained neutral. One engagement took the livesof six warriors, three on each side. In another, the Yurok weredefeated, losing five. The conflict was precipitated by an old woman ofRekwoi, who had a reputation as a witch, employing her magic to stop theannual salmon run on Smith River.



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