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OE Builder Cracked.rar

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OE Builder Cracked.rar

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(e) When this part requires a tank to be marked with a DOT specification (for example, DOT-105A100W), compliance with that requirement is the responsibility of the tank builder. Marking the tank with the DOT specification shall be understood to certify compliance by the builder that the functions performed by the builder, as prescribed in this part, have been performed in compliance with this part.

(c) When such tanks or equipment are not in compliance with the requirements of this subchapter, the Committee may recommend service trials to determine the merits of a change in specifications. Such service trials may be conducted only if the builder or shipper applies for and obtains a special permit.

(3) Owner's or builder's identifying symbol and serial number (immediately below the material identification). The symbol shall be registered with the Bureau of Explosives, duplications are not authorized.

(a) Before a tank is placed in service, the inspector shall furnish to the builder, tank owner, Bureau of Explosives and the Secretary, Mechanical Division, Association of American Railroads, a report in approved form certifying that the tank and its equipment comply with all the requirements of this specification.

(6) Inspector shall stamp his official mark on each accepted tank immediately below serial number, and make certified report (see paragraph (c) of this section) to builder, to company or person for whose use tanks are being made, to builder of car structure on which tanks are to be mounted, to the Bureau of Explosives, and to the Secretary, Mechanical Division, Association of American Railroads. 59ce067264


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