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Public·52 members,免费下载最强大的直播软件






  • 免费下载无需注册无需付费无需会员

  • 支持多种语言包括中文英文日文韩文等

  • 支持多种设备包括WindowsMacAndroidiOS等

  • 支持多种分辨率从480P到4K根据你的网络和设备自动调节

  • 支持多种交互可以弹幕评论点赞送礼物等

  • 支持多种功能可以录制截图分享收藏等


  • 点击这里下载peepshowlivev1.3.zip文件

  • 解压文件找到peepshowlivev1.3.exe文件双击运行

  • 在主界面上选择你感兴趣的直播分类或者在搜索框中输入关键词

  • 在列表中点击你想要观看的直播房间即可开始观看

  • 在观看过程中你可以使用各种交互和功能来增加乐趣



Free download, watch the latest and hottest live shows

Do you want to watch various live content, but don't want to spend money or register an account? Are you tired of those laggy, ads, restricted live platforms? Do you want a simple, fast, high-definition live software?

If your answer is yes, then you have to try this amazing software. It is a free software designed for live lovers, which allows you to watch various live content with one click, whether it is games, music, sports, movies, variety shows, or beauty, handsome, emotion, funny, everything, there is always one for you.

What are the advantages of

  • Free download, no registration, no payment, no membership.

  • Support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.

  • Support multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.







You may ask, why can provide so many live content? It turns out that it uses an advanced technology that can capture live streams from various live platforms, and then forward them to users through its own server, so that you can bypass various restrictions and interference, and watch any live you want to watch.

Isn't this technology amazing? But you don't have to worry, is completely legal and safe, it will not infringe anyone's copyright and privacy, nor will it bring any virus or malicious software to your device. You just need to download and use it with confidence, and enjoy the best viewing experience. also has a special feature, which is to let you become a live broadcaster yourself. You only need to register an account in the software, and then choose the content you want to broadcast, and you can start broadcasting. You can broadcast your games, music, life, talents, etc., attract more viewers and fans, and even earn some income.

Isn't cool and fun? Come and download it, and join this live family! c5e3be4c90


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