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How to Enjoy Frank Sinatra's Classic Songs: My Way - The Best Of full album zip

songs of love lost and found, lost jobs, lost loves in this sassy tune written by nick danger (namesake of the jazz writer) and its piano from drummer john lee. these four piano pieces from manhans are so beautiful that i dont mind much but the bass is mostly a smooth rock rhythm and wailing horns dont help. i am suspicious of arrangers who seem to take a dramatic pause mid-song to set the scene. this is one of the more convincing such moments but the second half is melancholy resignation. (ks)

Frank Sinatra-My Way - The Best Of full album zip

sinatra came along at a special time, he allowed jazz to be glorified once again, his albums are often mistakenly regarded as jazz rather than being properly appreciated for what they are. this has made his greatest hits albums pretty damned hard to find. its not that theyre bad, but they pale into obscurity with every passing decade. sinatra made what he was good at, his orchestra centred around his piano, and he was always at his best in his own compositions. fortunately, his underrated session work with others doesnt suffer as much and the best of it gets the credit it deserves. his pianism would never get him again such performances as this all-star masterpiece the only album to win all four grammys in one go with the likes of vince giordano, herbie hancock, bob dylan, stan getz, chick corea and others. after all the intrigue surrounding the wizards of" east" and the tower of power - both sides of a double-album, this is the real thing. the latter features some nice performances from luis conte on drums. (ks)

complex and wonderful. recorded in 1958. all of these great songs are featured, it covers a wide variety of jazz styles, soloists do their thing, the band is tight. the engineers mixed it so that you can hear every nuance. it has a lot of new standards in it. (sn)


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