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This will download the package and any required dependencies, and recompose your Fedora Silverblue image with them.rpm-ostree uses standard Fedora package names, which can be searched using DNF (this is not available on a Fedora Silverblue host, but can be used in a toolbox).

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In some scenarios, you may want to test out a new version of podman or kernel or other packages that live on the host.The rpm-ostree override command can be used to replace a package with a different version.You can download the package locally and run:

TWIK-1 mRNAs are reportedly expressed in DGGCs [16],[17]. However, the physiological function of TWIK-1 in these cells has never been examined. To determine TWIK-1 expression and the subcellular localization of this protein in DGGCs, we performed immunohistochemistry with an anti-TWIK-1 antibody in mouse brain slices. The specificity of the antibody against TWIK-1 has been determined previously [9] and also confirmed by immunohistochemistry analysis using mouse kidney and mouse skeletal muscle tissues (as a positive and a negative control for TWIK-1 expression, respectively: Additional file 1: Figure S1). We found that TWIK-1 channels are broadly expressed in the hippocampus, including DG and CA1-3 regions (Figure1A). The expression of TWIK-1 in hippocampus was further confirmed by Western Blot analysis (Figure1B) showing a relatively higher expression of TWIK-1 in DG compared to that in CA1-3 regions. In the DG, TWIK-1 expression was detected mainly in the DGGCs. Some sparsely distributed TWIK-1 positive cells were also present in the molecular layer and in the hilus (Figure1C). We further determined the subcellular localization of TWIK-1 in DGGCs by co-staining with antibodies against TWIK-1 and calbindin D29k (a marker for dentate granule cells together with their mossy fiber projections) or MAP2 (dendritic marker). TWIK-1 was found to co-localize with MAP2 in some proximal dendrites of granule layer cells (Figure1C) but not with calbindin D29k in mossy fibers in the hilus or CA3 regions (Figure1D). Collectively, these data show that TWIK-1 is clearly expressed in the soma and noticeably in the proximal dendrites, but not in the distal dendrites and axons of DGGCs.

Discovering that TWIK-1 knockdown brought about a positive shift in reversal potential in dentate granule cells, we next examined the effect of TWIK-1 shRNA on the intrinsic excitability of these cells in brain slices. The firing rates of dentate granule cells were determined as a function of injected currents. The firing rates in TWIK-1 shRNA-infected cells were higher than those in naïve or Sc shRNA-infected cells (Figures3A, B). The characteristics of averaged action potentials such as the potential threshold or the amplitude of the action potentials in TWIK-1 shRNA-infected cells were not statistically different from such characteristics in naïve or Scrambled control cells. However, the RMP of TWIK-1-deficient DGGCs was significantly depolarized (-70.6 0.6 mV), compared to both naïve (-74.6 0.9 mV) and Scrambled control cells (-77.3 1.2 mV: Additional file 2: Table S1).

Additional file 1: Figure S1.: Validation of anti-TWIK-1 antibody for immunohistochemistry on frozen tissue. Representative fluorescence immunostainingimages show that TWIK-1 antibody detected positive signals in apical localization of proximal tubule of mouse kidney (A), but notin mouse skeletal muscle (B), in agreement with published studies [2],[30]. Scale bar, 20μm. (PDF 155 KB)

This tutorial focuses on using GParted, or Gnome Partition Editor, a free and open source partition editor. To use GParted, you must first download the CD Image file (.iso file) of GParted Live for this program. Instructions on where to find and how to burn the GParted ISO file are covered in the Preparation step. In this tutorial we will be using Microsoft Windows XP for certain steps. If you use a different version of Windows, some of these steps and screens may be a bit different.

Thankfully, this is not true. In fact, it is possible to resize partitions so that you can take space away from one partition that has a lot of free space and add it to another that does not. This tutorial will walk you through resizing your computer's partitions using the GParted program. GParted, or Gnome Partition Editor, is an open source partition editor that allows you to manipulate a computer's partition tables, including resizing them, and can be used on almost all partitions created by Windows or Linux. In this tutorial we will use the GParted Live CD, which allows you to create a bootable CD that contains the GParted programs. As already stated, this tutorial should only be used by advanced users who understand the technology behind volumes, partitions, file systems, and bootable CDs. If you feel comfortable with this material, please continue.

The first step is to download the latest version of GParted Live. GParted is distributed as a CD image, or ISO, file that needs to be burned onto a CD. For information about ISO files and how to write them to a CD please read the How to write a CD/DVD image or ISO tutorial. The latest version of GParted as of this writing is 0.4.1-2 and can be downloaded from the following link:

Once the file is downloaded please burn the image to a CD and then store the CD in a safe place. We first need to perform some basic maintenance on the hard drive before we use GParted. These steps will make the entire process safer, smoother, and faster.

The first maintenance task is to run chkdsk or fsck to repair any errors that may currently be present in the file system. Even under ordinary use your average file system gets errors. Normally, operating systems such as Windows or Linux are able to either correct these errors silently, or ignore them altogether. When this is not the case, though, chkdsk for Windows or or fsck for Linux will be forced to run at boot time in order to attempt to repair these errors. Another important reasons to do a disk check before we run GParted is that GParted will usually refuse to do anything to a partition whose file system has errors or is damaged.

Using the black arrows, or by entering a number in the New Size (MiB) box, you can adjust the size of the new partition. By default, the new partition will use all available contiguous space. Once you are happy with the size of your new partition, you need to select the file system it will use. GParted supports many different file systems, as shown in Figure 15.

A filesystem is a way that an operating system organizes files on a disk. These filesystems come in many different flavors depending on your specific needs. For Windows, you have the NTFS, FAT, FAT16, or FAT32 filesystems. For Macintosh, you have the HFS filesystem and for Linux you have more filesystems than we can list in this tutorial. One of the great things about Linux is that you have the ...

Bone marrow was isolated from femurs and tibias of mice by flushing the marrow cavity with medium and passing the cell suspension through a cell strainer. After lysis of erythrocytes, bone marrow cells were incubated with Fc-blocking antibody (BD Pharmingen antimouse CD16/CD32, clone 2.4G2; BD Biosciences, San Jose, CA, USA), followed by staining with the following mix of antibodies: CD11b-fluorescein isothiocyanate, CD90.2-phycoerythrin (PE), CD45R/B220-PE, CD49b-PE, NK1.1-PE, Ly6G-PE, Ly6C-allophycocyanin-cyanine 7 (all BD Biosciences). Samples were acquired with a CyAn flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Indianapolis, IN, USA), and data analysis was performed with Kaluza Analysis Software (Beckman Coulter Life Sciences). The gating strategy we used is depicted in Additional file 2.

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