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Golden Kamuy 4th Season Episode 1 PORTABLE

The staff had delayed episodes 7-13 of the anime's fourth season (episodes 43-49 of the overall anime) due to the November 1 passing of an unnamed main staff member of the anime. The announcement noted the main staff member who passed away was "indispensable" to the production, so the production committee and the anime's studio Brains Base decided on the delay after some discussion.

Golden Kamuy 4th Season Episode 1

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Golden Kamuy season four will return on April 3 in Japan at 11 PM with a re-airing of the first episode of the season. Six episodes of the fourth season aired before being pushed back, leaving six weeks from the re-airing of the first episode before a new episode will air.

The fourth season of Golden Kamuy officially started on October 3 with Episode 37 but was put on hold due to the passing of a main staff member. The series will resume with the first episode of season four in April. The first three seasons are currently streaming on Crunchyroll, which describes the series:

Bad news for those involved in the production of Golden Kamuy, as well as fans of the series as the remaining episodes of the currently-airing fourth season are to be delayed indefinitely. This is following the unfortunate passing of an unnamed main staff member "indispensable" to the production on Tuesday, November 1.

The delay is set to be in effect for episodes 6 to 12 of season four (which corresponds to episodes 43 to 49 overall). The studio responsible for the production of Golden Kamuy season 4, Brains Base, came to the decision after some discussions, with the anime's Blu-Ray and DVD release schedules expected to undergo some change following subsequent discussions about the project's future.

Unfortunately, a specific release date for Golden Kamuy season 4 episode 1 was not shared. However, assuming the series will maintain its normal programming block in Japan, fans can expect the anime to return on either Monday, October 3rd or Monday, October 10th.

The anime is also expected to return to simulcasting on Crunchyroll, following the recent merger with Funimation. This article will be updated as soon as the international streaming partner and episode count for Golden Kamuy season 4 have been shared.

The decision to delay the episodes (7 to 13 of season 4) was made because the staff member, who has not been named as of this writing, was indispensable to the production. The staff member passed away on November 1. 041b061a72


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