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Radical Destruction BringerDataHeightUnknownWeightUnknownHome WorldUnknownFirst AppearanceUltraman Gaia episode 1 "Seize the Light!" (mentioned)Latest AppearanceUltraman Gaia: Gaia Again (mentioned)StatusAliveAffiliationRadical Destruction Bringer's Agents (Servants)Actor(s)/Voice Actor(s)NoneSuit Actor(s)NoneRoar(s)NoneThe Radical Destruction Bringer[1][2] (根源的破滅招来体 Kongen-teki Hametsu Shōrai-tai) is the main antagonist of Ultraman Gaia. It is an unseen presence from space that orchestrated most of the events leading up to the attempted destruction of the human race, by controlling monsters to attack the Earth, or by manipulating humans.


It is because of the Radical Destruction Bringer that Hiroya Fujimiya believed that humanity would become the actual "Radical Destruction Bringers", due to it having the Queen Mezard implant a virus into Fujimiya's photon computer, Crisis. This is the event that pushes Fujimiya into trying to communicate with the Earth, which leads to him achieving the Light of Ultraman Agul. Later after Fujimiya regained his faith in humanity the Radical Destruction Bringer tried once again to manipulate him into turning back on humanity, sending the Deathbringer to attempt to convince him that mankind was actually a pathogen of the universe, and that they were only trying to cure the universe so that every living thing in the universe including the Radical Destruction Bringer itself would be safe.

Wild will send a wave of darkness at a character this will cause the character to act completely opposite on how they fight and act. Examples: Nice characters become Evil Characters and vice versa, Creation powers become destruction powers vice versa. All colors of the character via appearance or attack will be inverted.

Like the other armies Wild can summon clones of entire armies of characters that have the power of creation and destruction. The Destruction Army's job is to destroy a large area that Wild commands, this happens when there's too much ground to cover when finding a victim or when there's multiple beings to kill or has to destroy the entire realm itself. The Creation Army's job is to create weapons or creatures that Wild can use at his command, when The Creation and Destruction Armies come together and combine their powers they create powerful weapons for Wild and each other to use in combat.

Wild-Soul has a deck of 100 grey-sliver blank cards, Wild will draw five cards and the five will appear as different colored soul traits and monster souls each doing their own abilities. The cards can be fused with one another and can be fused 4 times and can cause more destruction and damage. To use them he either throws it on the ground or at a character

When he got back he had gotten the answers he needed from Avatar. When creating the wild-souls The Dark Seraphim would always add a small piece, an evil yet usable force of his power to add to the souls which is what that black beating ring was within the souls. These demons would be chained and bound to the power of the souls becoming dormant, they could only be released with a powerful burst of chaos, darkness and a burning hatred and Wild fit the criteria when he fought that trickster. The demons are bound in a total of 20 chains four on their arms, legs, and neck and with the outburst that Wild had 6 chains had been broken with 3 of the chains being gone from the neck, 2 of them from the right arm and 1 from the left arm. Because of this the demon is now awakened and wants to escape but because of the inf stat increase on Wild's soul it can't unless Wild were to unlock the rest of the chains with no proper hold on its power. Wild can make the demon go away all he has to do is master the form's ability and power once he does this the demon would be gone and would no longer exist however if he didn't master the form and the demon becomes free and take over Wild's body and cause nothing but destruction.

Wild's normal form of teleportation/Jumping has completely been rewriting while he does still have it, it gained a new form of power. Wild can just step through shadows and can teleport anywhere or when, any sort of destruction will act like a gateway for Wild to teleport there in an instant. When someone becomes insane or is having feelings of insanity Wild can and will appear out of nowhere.

The Erase button is a blood red and black with ERASE on it this will have Wild-Soul erase anyone or anything he desires, nothing will be left behind not even the soul, code, or pure being of that character. The DESTROY button will cause destruction, when Wild uses it will create a deadly explosion that will one-shot kill any person he targets. If Wild presses the button again during the explosion then it will summon planet sized meteorites, and if Wild presses it again during the meteorites then it will create endless shockwaves that's hotter than the largest supernovas.

Wild combines his soul's power and his Bringer of Destruction form's power and creates swords or knives with destructive and dangerous powers as they gain power both from Wild's destruction and his stat increase. One cut from these things can cause a powerful destructive force.

Wild is able to draw upon and use any and all kinds of magic and power, depending on how powerful it is it will take a while for him to master it. Wild's D.O.D form allows him to completely absorb any being that's made up or uses the power of destruction, darkness, or negativity.

Like The Dark Seraphim when it draws its powers from negative energy Wild draws his powers from destruction, the more destruction that happens around him in this form the more powerful he becomes. In Wild's Devil of Destruction form this forms an orange body shield around Wild that causes him to be completely invincible and stronger.

With most Spirits, Terror Victories are a backup plan if the main push against the Invaders stalls out for too long, but Bringer turns Fear into a more viable primary strategy. Its transformation of damage & destruction into Fear can turn Major Powers into tremendous sources of terror and panic. However, the only real offense Bringer has is the Dahan fighting back. While it does have some defensive ability, it is fundamentally poor at clearing areas of Invaders.

Earth is a world populated by a wide variety of native organic lifeforms, known as humans. Earth's history is intertwined with its sister planet: Cybertron. Earth and Cybertron share a lot in common. This involves Unicron the bringer of destruction being Earth's core while Cybertron has his brother Primus as its core.

Realizing the danger the nascent Galactus posed to the cosmos, this Watcher considered destroying the entity; who was still vulnerable due to his metamorphic state; but instead decided to abide by the Watchers' oath of non-interference, and let the nascent Galactus depart in his starship. Although over time the Watcher race has come to understand that Galactus is an intrinsic and necessary component to the natural order of the cosmos, Ecce has expressed guilt over his decision those billions of years ago and feels partially responsible for the destruction Galactus has caused since.[25][26]

The nascent Galactus employed his vastly limitless strength and power and created a suit of armor to help him regulate his raging internal energies. He then transformed the starship of Galan into a kind of incubator, where Galactus spent thousands upon thousands of years evolving into his current form.[25] Galactus' incubator eventually crashed on the surface of Ego, the Living Planet; causing him pain as it began to drain his lifeforce. Ego saved a time-displaced Silver Surfer from Knull, and the Surfer repaid the favor by removing the incubator from him.[31] The Surfer, knowing what Galan would become, planned to destroy the being before birth. However, Uatu the Watcher warned the Surfer that despite the destruction he would bring Galactus would be important for the balance of the universe. The Surfer entered the incubator, intent on absorbing Galactus' Power Cosmic to restore himself, and was confronted by Galan. The two talked and eventually the Silver Surfer decided to spare Galan and removed the incubator off Ego and set it on the course to Archeopia.[29] The Archeopians themselves did not disturb the strange ship, but years later a marauding space fleet, nearing Archeopia and thinking Galactus's ship to be a weapon, attacked it.

Galactus' "death" allowed the being known as Abraxas, the metaphysical embodiment of destruction and the antithesis of Eternity, to emerge from his imprisonment. He soon began to cut a swath of terror through various alternate realities, including the murder of parallel versions of Galactus. He used the decapitated head of one alternate reality Galactus to target and home in on the prime reality Earth and to plant a mole in his version of the Herald known as Nova. On Earth, Abraxas attacked Uatu the Watcher, left him comatose, and stole half of his signature medallion.[50]

Eventually Annihilus' overall plan was to use Galactus as a 'bomb' capable of destroying every life-form in the universe and thus fulfilling his desire of being the only being in the known universe. However, Annihilus' plan was foiled by the efforts of Moondragon, Drax and the Silver Surfer as they successfully freed Galactus. After teleporting Moondragon and Drax to safety and succumbing to his rage, Galactus proceeded to unleash a massive, omnidirectional blast that later became known as the "Galactus event." The Silver Surfer was sent ahead of the blast by Galactus to herald the imminent destruction, as the unleashed "Galactus obliteration perimeter" wiped out the majority of the Annihilation Wave as well as more than three star systems and even vaporized a Watcher. Galactus' action ultimately stopped the war and forced the remaining warring parties to form a truce.[53]

Galactus fed upon a planet named Orbucen, whose people reached out to the only serving Nova Corps member at the time Richard Rider. Rider tried to get Galactus to forestall his feeding which led to a confrontation with the Silver Surfer while Galactus himself ignored Rider.[55] Rider then stowed aboard Galactus' ship to save himself from the destruction of Orbucen, his presence on the ship ultimately alerted Galactus to the Harrow, a being which had hid itself aboard to feed on the fear of the denizens of the worlds consumed by Galactus. After learning of it's previously hidden presence, Galactus incinerated it and then removed Rider from his ship.[56] 041b061a72


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