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Cannot Auto Tune Samsung Tv

To get the HD channels to reappear on your Samsung TV, you need to remove the aerial connection and auto tune your TV. The purpose of this is not to find new channels, but to reconfigure the internal TV tuner which will help to bring back up the original HD channels that were previously on your service. Reconnect the aerial and then follow the steps on the TV for autotuning.

Cannot Auto Tune Samsung Tv


One of the biggest problems that Samsung TVs encounter during auto storing is that the aerial is not properly plugged into the TV or is plugged into a DVD player. Be sure that the aerial is securely plugged into the TV and not through any other source. If this is still not the problem, tune the TV to the DVT input that is located on the remote and select plug & play on the menu as it will guide you through the tuning process.

TV UA55NU8000 - About 3 days ago I lost all digital channels. Going to the TV Source I get a warning "No Signal". I've tried re-scanning, removing the PVR which the aerial passes through, updating software, resetting the TV. Nothing seems to work. When I re-autotune I only get the 66 Samsung TV channels, no Free to Air ones.At one point I lost the whole 'Broadcasting' menu aswell (it is back now). But I have lost the whole Terristrial TV Source button.

Use the manual re-tune option and not the auto-tune option on the television menu to take you through the process. If a manual re-tune does not work there maybe further options available to help solve problems.

There are two types of tuning, automatic or manual. Both are done using your remote control. An auto-tune allows the television set to tune to services from any transmitter that it can receive. A manual re-tune allows you to input and store, one by one, only the correct channel numbers or frequencies for the transmitter your aerial is pointing towards.

Some locations are within range of multiple transmitters. When a television set auto-tunes, it automatically starts from the bottom of the channel or frequency range and works upwards. It tunes to the first channel it comes across, even if they are weaker signals from the wrong transmitter.

A radio which can tune to medium and long wave services usually has an aerial built in, which you cannot see. As the aerial is directional, by simply turning the radio you will be able to get the best reception. AM does not use the telescopic aerial.

If I run an auto-tune from these settings, it will only find the Astra 28.2 channels but not the 19.2 channels. It appears that the TV is not commanding the DiSEqC to change over. The switch, I bought from you three years ago, it is a 2.1 with 2 inputs and one output.

Purchased a DiSEqC 1.0 switch and replaced the 2.1 switch with it. Connected the satellite directly to the TV and both satellites came right to life with the TV's auto-tune. To conclude, the Samsung built-in tuner apparently isn't compatible with the DiSEqC 2.1 switch, but worked perfectly with the 1.0 version.


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